Sunday, July 30, 2006


I visited with some puppies today, thinking about perhaps getting one. They were all wonderful, lovable, fun playful puppies. How to choose?
The mother is a 3 year old purebred yellow lab. Very sweet and gentle. The father is a one year old black lab mix. (What can I say, she likes younger guys!)
The pups are all black with white markings. 7 weeks old.
The father has been neutered, the mother will be spayed soon .
There were 8 pups but one has been adopted. Of the 7 left:

~Uno - male -The 1st born, inquisitive, confident, very lively.
~Lumpus - male - one big lovable boy.
~Squeaker - female - silky like a baby otter, very very gentle.
~Jr. - male- rises early, plays hard, crashes quick (He fell asleep while I was there. His head nodded and he tried to keep it up. His eyes closed and he tilted his head to the side and soon his head was down and he was fast asleep!)
~Fuzzy - female - don't be fooled, she can hang with the big boys!

~Wobbly - male - the other thick coated dog. Something is wrong with him and he tips over a lot (more than most pups). He will need some medical care but it could be as simple as an ear infection.

~Eight - male - I don't want to say too much about him because I have my eye on him. He is just the right mix of calm and rowdy.

These are great all around pups and will be even better with training so...I am here. For details check Craigs list for Free Labs in Murfreesboro. Or email me. Remember these are pups with sharp teeth and toes and lots of energy! It's easy for me to forget that when one plants a (muddy) paw on either side of my face and gives me kisses. All I remember then is the joy of the moment. Sigh.


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