Monday, August 14, 2006

Sick As A Dog!

Wow! I am as sick as a dog. Which is an odd expression. I have 8 dogs here right now and I am the only one who is sick...
It started with a sore throat on a Thursday night and on Friday the world was spinning.
I'm managing to feed the dogs twice a day and I've propped the door open so they can come and go as they please while I stagger from the couch to the bed and back again, stopping in the kitchen once in a while for some juice and antibiotics.
A friend brought by some soup and wondered who was caring for the dogs. I think they've pretty much reverted to feral.
They just happen to be a great bunch of feral dogs.
Bailey - a 70 pound lab tried to give me the Heimlich maneuver thinking that might help.
Coby - a 90 pound lab is certain he can lick me back to health.
Becky - a little Dobe/mix is concerned every time I cough and shows that concern by trying to leap up into my lap.
They all do perfect sits when I get the cough drops out.
For the time being I have put the care and training of my new 8 week old pup, Said, (pronounced "Sigh - eed") into their hands, or paws as the case may be.
He is learning great bite inhibition and only goes to the bathroom outside!!!
The dogs here are not quite as strict as I am when it comes to chewing so they either sat and watched, egged him on, or helped him out when he chewed a shoe and the leg of a wooden stool.
It seems a small price to pay for the luxury of being allowed to sleep until my fever breaks.
And if they keep bringing large sticks into the house and chewing them into bits?
Well, it just brings us all that much closer to nature.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your sense of humor is still intact; that's a good thing!

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