Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I meet a lot of dogs in my work. I like them all. I have yet to meet a dog I don't like. Some though, I love at first sight and a very few tug at my heart in such a way that I wish they were MY dog.
One of those very special dogs is moving to a different state this month (I don't think he would move away from me by choice, but he is slightly attached to his owners so goes where they go.)
I first met him a couple of years ago when he was an unruly, untrained wildebeast.
I knew there was hope for him but I wasn't sure his owners were up to the task or willing to do the work it took. (I am a good judge of dogs - a poor judge of people!)
They proved to be willing to go WAY above and beyond for this dog. They came to classes until their dog did "downs" from 30 feet away from them and would drop into a sit instantly when asked.
They also brought him to agility classes where he excelled!
At about that point I spent quite a bit of time with this boy I had come to love and realized that he suffered from a compulsive disorder.
I set up a treatment protocol and once again knew my boy would be helped but was uncertain if the owners would follow through.
Duh! When will I learn?
They did it all. Every nit picky little step that needs to be taken slowly and surely to fix this - they took that step and then the next and then the next.
I went to say good bye last night and what I said goodbye to was a very normal dog (and his dream owners).
I held this boy in my arms and he inhaled me and I inhaled him, trying to make it last, hoping that we will see each other again.


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