Saturday, October 28, 2006

My Cats Are Slackers

Oh yes, they are. Supposedly nocturnal, I was up all night last night and couldn't help but notice that all they did was lie about and sleep. At one point one of the boys, Stuff, was lying next to me all stretched out poking me with his little feet while I was quietly reading on a narrow little corner of my queen sized bed.
And don't get the wrong impression - they are not that active during the day either.
They appear to be mastering the fine art of slacking. :-)
Kidding aside, it's quite normal for a cat to sleep 18 hours a day.
If reincarnation exists, please let me come back as a cat!
Whether they slack off or not, my two boys Shades and Stuff are both wonderful.
I marvel at this on a regular basis. They were outside cats that "found" me and moved in.
They blended in nicely with my three older cats who have since passed on, all living to the age of 19.
Shades was someone's pet who didn't want him anymore. He calmly moved in and proceeded to get very fat.
Stuff was feral and it took me over a year to "tame" him. I give some of the credit to my neighbor kids, who love my cats and are loved by my cats. Shades talks to them -long stories full of meow this and meow that while he rarely give me a pip or a squeak.
Stuff watched them from the next room when he first met them (4 loud, boisterous children who squeal a lot), and decided within 5 minutes to join them and he has loved them ever since. So much for being feral.
Neither one of them seems to want to go outside. I leave the door open while I load and unload things into the house and they don't make a move for it.
Maybe because everything they need is inside already.
They have all kinds of toys, including the best cat cigars money can buy. They have a very fancy climber, nice window seats and heated pillows to rest on.
They have a new puppy to play and cuddle with and to boss around - which they sure do!
One of the most important things that they have is a clean litter box (well two actually). Never, never, underestimate the importance of a clean litter box to a cat.
I don't. I share with them the belief that the way to prevent odors and all kinds of problems is to keep the litter box clean.
Well... that and I have ADHD and dial up internet connection. I can't do less than 2 things at once, so I download, scoop the litter box, put the clothes from the washer into the dryer, open mail, read now downloaded info, download some more and start the process all over again.
If I ever get fast internet access the cats are in trouble but for right now I have all the time in the world and two very happy cats to spend it with!

(For litter box help see the "Tips" page at )


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