Thursday, December 14, 2006

My Dog Is A Beserker

Oh my! My cute little puppy who followed me everywhere and was quiet and compliant has become a complete nutball!

A total teenager. I have to hide the car keys or I am pretty sure he would go joy riding with my car.

He used to come everytime I called and walked right by my side with no leash. I believe he still would do these things if I were holding a live squirrel.

He is 6 months old now. 50 pounds and about 4 feet long. He is a very busy guy. I am quite sure he thinks I have changed his name from Said (Sigh-eed) to "What do you have in your mouth now?"

He moves so fast and furiously he is almost always limping. I hate to have to do it but I guess I'll have to start training him! (ha) He does do the basics no matter what the distraction - sit, down.

He knows to always sit before he comes in a door but his butt barely touches the ground. He does a hilarious stay. He will sit and then throw humself into a down. I don't care which he does, a stay is a stay is a stay to me. Though he does push the definition of stay to the limit.

He is in his sit, then a down, then remarkably he can, without getting up from that sit, propel his body about 3 feet to the side where he is still doing a sit. I am sure in his mind he feels he is complying!

Needless to say after seeing this a few times I no longer use the word stay, which he obviously thinks mean stay sitting (And technically, I suppose he does.)

I now use the phrase "Be still". I use my hands to hold him in place. Not touching him mind you. I don't touch dogs when I train them. I hold the space in front of him with my hands up in a gentle "Supreme's" type "Stop" gesture.

And that's when I see my puppy again. He lies there looking up at me with those big eyes. I see my puppy when I come home everyday also, when he races up to me and promptly sits to be petted.

And I saw the wonderful dog is he becoming when this morning I sat his food down (he eats a raw Pitcairn diet) and one of my cats came over and started to eat off Said's plate. Said sat back and nicely waited for the cat to be done. He is no fool, he know who rules in this house!.

When he wakes up in the morning he stretches, first his front legs then his back and then comes to me and sits to be petted. He head butts me like the cats and likes to have the sides of his face rubbed.

I am absolutely in love. Now if only I can survive this beserker stage! o


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