Saturday, March 22, 2008

Solving The Chewing Problem

Dogs chew. That’s non negotiable.
You get to pick what your dog chews. Ask yourself, “Have I met my dog’s basic needs today?”
~ Did my dog get enough exercise?
~ Is my dog’s food loaded with sugar?
(Beet pulp, sorghum, corn syrup, grains? All code for sugar). High in protein & sugar = “rocket fuel”. Might be good for sled dogs, but for yours? Not so much.
~ Do I have enough toys? Six minimum - a wide variety. Squeaky, rope, stuffed, bones (as in a piece of cows leg sterilized, packaged for sale at pet stores) and balls.
To Interrupt Chewing:
~ On Your Furniture or Belongings - say “Oops” and redirect to a toy. Keep your house puppy proofed, everything up and out of reach.
~ On You - YELP (go for an Academy Award) and freeze. When your pup let’s go, redirect to a toy. Playing with other dogs is great for learning “bite inhibition” and it does transfers to humans.

Tracy B Ann – Radio Host- The Politics of Dogs


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